At the fisherman’s market…

  • Perch fillets just fried with lemon-flavoured butter,
  • 28.50€
vegetable wok OR home fries and salad
  • Perch fillets just fried with olive and tomato butter,
  • 29.50€
vegetable wok OU home fries and salad
  • Lake Léman féra, one-sided cooking, gnocchis
  • 25.00€
and home-grown mushrooms with light chorizo sauce
  • Lake Léman fish, cream spinachand fried potatoes
  • 28.50€
Depending on the day’s catch: pike, trout or Arctic char
  • Grilled Albacore tuna served red, little vegetables in season with sesame oil
  • 26.50€
  • Grilled wild gilthead bream redfish steak, cream of spinach and fried potatoes
  • 28.00€

Depending on the daily catch